Rabbi Lee Buckman’s Biography

Rabbi Lee Buckman is Head of School at TanenbaumCHAT, which serves over a thousand students from all denomination in grades 9-12.  Prior to coming to Toronto in 2013, Rabbi Buckman founded a Jewish day high school in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, successfully turned around a failing elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia, and worked as an educational consultant for over 20 schools throughout North America.  He received Conservative ordination in 1990 and Orthodox semicha in 2009.  He has foursons ages 22-26 who live in Chicago, Maryland, Boston, and Israel.  His wife Rachel is a Jewish educator who teaches in Atlanta from her kitchen table in Toronto. Rabbi Buckman believes strongly in the need to connect day schools to other Jewish communal institutions, e.g. summer camps, youth groups, university Hillels, and values a pluralistic approach to Judaism. He is an avid marathon runner and enjoys regular travel to Israel.

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