The holiday of Hannukah celebrates the flame of Torah that the Jewish people have kept ablaze for centuries.  Here at TanenbaumCHAT that fire continues to burn intensely.

Our teachers glow with energy. They ignite the curiosity of our students and help each student discover where he or she can shine.

Our students radiate compassion and care and character.

They brighten the lives of the elderly at Baycrest, the adults at REENA, and survivors of the Shoah.  

Our 7,000 alumni illuminate all corners of the globe.  They teach English in Hong Kong, promote world health in Geneva, and serve as commanders in the IDF.  

Our Board burns with passion so that TanenbaumCHAT remains a continual  source of light to the Jewish community and the world at large for generations.

This Hannukah spread the light.  Share with your friends the way TanenbaumCHAT contributes to a bright future for all of us.

Chag Hannukah Sameach.

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