Tuition has dropped for the next five years by about $10,000, and we’ve received over 60 inquiries since the announcement.  The reduction in tuition makes a big difference for many families, and it’s important to spread the news.  We greatly appreciate the generosity of the donors who have made this possible.  However, as important as the price reduction is, our value proposition is not that a TanenbaumCHAT education is less expensive than it used to be.  What makes TanenbaumCHAT worthy of consideration is what we offer, not just our price.

We prepare students not just academically, but Jewishly as well. We empower today’s Jewish teens to have the confidence to stand up for Israel when no one else does, to continue their exploration of Judaism even when their peers have stopped, and to remain loyal to Jewish tradition even when it’s unpopular. We connect students to their Jewish roots, the Jewish people, and the Jewish State so that they enter university comfortable in their Jewish skin.

TanenbaumCHAT is a place where students can bring their whole selves to school: not only their academic and athletic and artistic “self” but their Jewish “self” as well.  At TanenbaumCHAT students have Jewish experiences in the hallways, in casual discussions with teachers during lunch, and on the weekends at a shabbaton.  They encounter something Jewish in the daily announcements, in the music over the loudspeaker, and, of course, during class.

When that happens, when Judaism is relevant at all times of the day and not just a few times a year or even one night a week, Judaism becomes part of who you are. The beauty of our school is that students can take their whole self with them, including their identity as a Jew, to the place where they spend more hours of the day than in any other place of the first 18 years of their life.

Our vision at TanenbaumCHAT is to raise a generation of young adults of high moral character who are intellectually curious, deeply connected to their Jewish roots, the Jewish community, and Israel, and prepared to make a unique contribution as a citizen of the world. The magic of TanenbaumCHAT happens everyday… in the way a teacher teaches not just the subject matter but a valuable life lesson; in the way the music or arts or Tanach or sports helps students discover an ability that he or she never recognized; in the way TanenbaumCHAT students accept, embrace, and help kids who wouldn’t necessarily fit in some place else; in the way that regardless of denominational affiliation, everyone gets along and studies Jewish texts together under one roof.

While we share the news of the reduced price of tuition, this gift is, to quote one of our parents, “a gift of opportunity.” What’s priceless is what we offer.

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