I’m often asked how TanenbaumCHAT prepares students for university and beyond.  I, myself, can think of many answers to that question, and in a future blog post, I’ll share my observations.  In the meantime, I asked a few TanenbaumCHAT graduates who are now enjoying the fruits of their labour on a university campus to share their reflections.  Here is what they said.

Maxwell Charlat, class of 2015 and a student at Yeshiva University, zeroed in on time management as one of the key ways in which TanenbaumCHAT prepared him for university.  “TanenbaumCHAT teaches students that time is valuable. TanenbaumCHAT offers so many amazing extracurricular activities while expecting high academic performance from each student. With a jam-packed schedule and limited time, TanenbaumCHAT teaches students to be productive and maximize the limited time they have.”

Mark Freeman, class of 2011, independently echoed Maxwell’s thoughts and added  leadership development as a valuable benefit of a TanenbaumCHAT education.  He put it this way:  “TanenbaumCHAT’s dual curriculum challenged me as a student to improve my work ethic and time management, while giving me exposure to a wide variety of subjects and inspiring me to develop broad academic interests. As a fairly small school, it’s also one in which opportunities to take on leadership roles are plentiful, with all the opportunities for personal growth that these things entail. When I got to university, where learning, leadership, and diligence are so crucial, I found myself ready to grapple with the challenges I faced there that required a strong command of these skills. Of course, these skills are so broadly applicable in life that I haven’t exactly outgrown them since graduation!”

Kevin Jacobs, Class of 2012 who is currently doing a Master’s of Information at the University of Toronto, said that what he gained most from TanenbaumCHAT was the confidence to succeed. “Confidence is certainly important for success in undergraduate studies. That confidence allows alumni to feel like they belong where they are and to avoid the ‘imposter syndrome’ so common amongst students at a higher level of education. As I begin my Master’s degree, I feel like I can do it because I was able to maneuver through the challenging and exciting double curriculum at TanenbaumCHAT.”

When I think about how best to prepare our students for life beyond school, I ask myself what pieces of my education am I using now as an adult.  Are they not precisely the values our graduates articulated: time management, a strong work ethic, and the confidence to succeed?  The next time someone asks you “Why TanenbaumCHAT?,” share with them at least these three ways our school prepares students not just for the next level of education but for life.

Kevin Jacobs





Maxwell Charlat


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