Hello class of 2020 and welcome to your grade nine orientation. My name is David Romi-Babany… and I am your student council president….I was born in South Africa, I am a Netivot graduate, I play on the basketball team and soccer team, and I’m also a madrich. So in other words, I’m going to be seeing you guys a lot this year….

2020 seems like it’s a long ways away, but trust me when I say this, these next few years will truly fly by….and the way to reach your full potential at TanenbaumCHAT is to get involved in the amazing opportunities that we offer and encourage you to do. From the little things like accepting the free chocolate on chocolate day, or putting your Raptors jersey on to rep the 6ix for jersey day. To the big things like running a campaign to be your grades student rep, or going full out and dressing up with your YOM AHAVA dates. Getting involved and putting yourself out there is something that is stressed so much here because it is the fundamental ingredient for turning a normal high school into the unforgettable experience that this school truly is.

Take a moment to look to the people on both sides of you. Look at the teachers over there, look at the student council over here, and look at me…. This is your family. We will be with you guys through the highs of the shabbatons, and the lows of the hell weeks. We will be there to show you where main street it, tell you which office to go to, what food to buy at the caf, what sports teams to join and which clubs are best suited for you. Because that’s what families do. And in high school, it’s always helpful to have someone leading the way for you like an older sibling. Someone that you can look up to, someone that you can count on to be there for you, someone that genuinely cares for you and wants you to succeed in every aspect of life.

When I was in grade nine, I was very fortunate to have an older brother who went to TanenbaumCHAT. He was able to give me so many tips on how to make high school an amazing time. The greatest piece of advice that he ever gave me, one that I will cherish forever, was to get involved and do something that people will remember you by. I live by those words, and my job this year, as your older brother, is to pass that same lesson on to you guys….

As you go through the next four years, this school will help shape you into a more passionate, hard-working, and dedicated person. You have been given the amazing opportunity to live by my brother’s words… and if you just put yourself out there, you will see that over the next four years, while this school is shaping you, you too will be able to shape this school.

Get ready for the best four years of your lives.


Click here to see a short video; “What you think TCK is like vs. What’s it’s actually like.”


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