Dear friends,

Our TanenbaumCHAT Wallenberg Campus has thrived these past ten years under the able and elegant leadership of Mrs. Helen Fox. With grace and class, she has taught our students that one can actualize any dream provided one is willing to invest hard work and perseverance. It is, therefore, with sadness that I share with you that Mrs. Fox has announced her retirement effective July 31, 2015.

Mrs. Fox has invested her entire professional career to educating children. Starting as a teacher and then advancing to the role of administrator, she has affected the lives of over two generations of students. For 43 years Mrs. Fox has counselled, coached, encouraged, comforted, and educated thousands of students and hundreds of teachers. What a blessing it has been that for the past decade we at TanenbaumCHAT have had the privilege of her leadership!

We will miss Mrs. Fox but are excited that she will be able to pursue her many and varied interests in good health and with a loving family. In the meantime, she has offered to assist with all aspects of the transition to new leadership at TCW.

We look forward to celebrating Mrs. Fox’s accomplishments and this milestone. We pray that God will continue to bless her and her family with many productive, happy, and fulfilling years.

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