I read the essays of each entering Grade 9 applicant to the TCW Anita and Danny Chai Engineering Academy.  We accepted a cohort of 14 students who have enrolled in a special four-year engineering track and receive a special diploma upon graduation.

Their passions are math and science. They generally enjoy learning how to take apart, put back together, or design machines, gadgets, and devices.  One major project that they are undertaking is that they are helping us build one of the finest high school engineering programs in Toronto.

These 14 engineering students are true pioneers.  Who are they?

They are students who enjoy hands-on learning, problem-solving, and coding.  They are intrigued by how things work.  Some have experience with app development or robotics at home.  Others were involved in competitions and contests in school.  Some have extensive libraries with books like Cool Stuff and How it Works, Groovy Gadgets, and Why Pi as well as subscriptions to aviation magazines.  Others have developed relationships with medical and bio-engineers who have introduced them to possible career opportunities.  Others expressed a fascination with modern engineering innovations and an eagerness to address authentic, real life problems.

We are excited to welcome these 14 talented students.  We look forward to launching an academic program that revolves around hands-on problem-based learning in the classroom and opportunities outside of school to meet engineers in the field.  These students and our educational team are pioneers and innovators in the field of STEM education and will set a path for the opening of a similar program the following year at TCK.
We have many reasons to be excited about the year ahead. This is just one more way in which TanenbaumCHAT distinguishes itself among other fine high schools in the Toronto region.

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