We’re still getting notes of appreciation from schools who participated in the Global Hatikva. Schools have submitted video clips of the event at their school; we hope to create a video montage to document and celebrate this event.

Recently, someone asked how this all got started.

The idea began about three months ago when the violence first started in Israel.  Some called it the Third Intafada or the Stabbing Intifada.  We tried to organize a rally of our local Toronto day schools, but we couldn’t find a common date.  And then, seeing that the attacks in Israel hadn’t abated and neither did the world’s silence in the face of this violence, we continued to brainstorm and remembered the global electronic rally that was held years ago when Gilad Shalit was held hostage.

Jory Vernon suggested we coordinate a massive Hatikva singing. The Global Hatikva was born.

With the help of our shlichim, TanenbaumCHAT was not just the organizer. The school emerged as a thought leader.  Our students were in the forefront of gathering the voices of Jewish children around the world to send and sing one united message of support in solidarity with Israel.

The participants were varied: Young kids and older kids, kids who come from Orthodox families, and kids who come from Conservative or  Reform families; students who wear uniforms and students who don’t; kids whose mother tongue is Spanish and kids whose mother tongue is French; those who speak English with an Australian accent and those who speak with a southern accent.

It was our student body who showed they aren’t only the leaders of the future.  They are today’s leaders. They are thought leaders.

Thought leadership is about building awareness.  It’s about leading with ideas.  It’s about teaching students in other schools, that in the face of apathy, we must choose activism.  In the face of  silence, we must be the ones to raise our voices. That’s what our students did and taught others to do.  That’s the vital role that TanenbaumCHAT plays not just in Toronto but in the Jewish world at large. And that’s why I continue to be proud to be Head of School of this fine institution.


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