This week is Rumble in the Jungle.  My schedule was crazy, but I managed to sneak in a few minutes to watch the boys’ volleyball game—TCW v. TCK.  I entered the gymnasium at TCW, moved over the right of the judge, and then realized that I was standing on the TCK side.  I began to worry that someone might think that I was favoring the younger child over the older.  Anyone familiar with the Book of Genesis knows the problems that causes.

I crossed over to the other side of the floor and stood behind the scorekeeper’s table, which is situated at the midpoint of both teams.  There I stood.  TCK had won the first game.  TCW won the second.  I didn’t need to see the tie-breaking third game because either way I won.

The two campuses have distinct identities.  Yet, while one is Toronto and the other Vaughan, one is Wallenberg and the other Kimel, one is South and the other North, one is CHAT and the other CHAR, to me they are both TanenbaumCHAT.

I imagine Serena and Venus Williams’ parents felt the same way when they watched the two sisters compete against each other at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Centre in Forest Hills, NY.  Archie and Olivia Manning likely shepped naches regardless of the outcome in any of the “Manning Bowls” when their sons Eli (Giants) and Peyton (Colts) butted heads in NFL football.  The Staal parents from Thunder Bay are no strangers to a face off among their sons Marc, Eric and Jordan Staal.  Regardless of the final score, these parents win.

My goal for the year ahead is to bring the schools together not just to compete but to collaborate.  Greater cooperation will help streamline operations.  It will build a stronger “chevre” for our students when they go to university or to Israel.  It will show that we are, indeed, one school of enduring greatness flourishing on two campuses.  It’s win-win!

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